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Experience the rejuvenation of a retreat-based Teva Shabbat. Through engaging prayer, hands-on learning, and immersion in the natural world, participants are encouraged to develop more meaningful relationships with Creation and with their own Jewish identities, while building a strong community. Teva�s programs emphasize a genuine commitment to tikkun olam (healing the world) and becoming shomrei adamah (guardians of the Earth).

Featured retreat activities include inspiring night and daytime nature hikes, spirited singing, eco-arts and crafts, text study, biblio-drama, cooking, farming, and community-building initiatives and games. Teva is committed to meeting the needs of each unique community regardless of age or denomination.

Teva�s programs are available year round; contact us to arrange dates. Costs are determined by site used, length of program, and number of educators required.

Check out Teva's new congregational and community groups program brochure. To find out more call 212-807-6376 or email Alexandra Kuperman.

Menucha V�simcha: A Restful, Joyous shabbat for All Creation

Ideal for families with children up to 6th grade
What greater gift can we give to ourselves and the planet than Shabbat? Discover the delight of celebrating Shabbat with your personal community and with all of God�s Creation as we sing, dance, study, and pray together. From inspiring outdoor exploration to celebratory meals, Shabbat is a time to recognize the blessings in our lives. Come learn what Jewish tradition says about balancing use of the world�s resources with pausing to appreciate and evaluate.

Ta�aseh Lecha Teyva: Build Yourself and Ark

Ideal for families with children up to 6th grade
It�s a family Shabbat celebration like Noah could only have imagined! Let local lizards, ladybugs, deer, and hawks inspire your prayer. Learn how to stalk like a fox, weave stories like a spider, and stretch like a cat. Like Noah and his family, we will learn to be shomrei chayyot � caretakers of the animals and of all life. Join us as we build a kesher � a connection to the animal world through Shabbat celebration, family and community.

B�nai Mitzvah: What is our Responsibility?

Ideal for children in grades 5 to 8 � independently or with parents
As children begin their journey towards Jewish adulthood, they face a host of difficult issues. Join other Bar and Bat Mitzvah age youth as we embark on an exploration of social responsibility, leadership, and Jewish identity. Spirited prayer, challenging discussions, outdoor adventure, and a creative exploration of Jewish texts and values will help create a foundation for the entire B�nai Mitzvah experience.

Havurah Yerukah: Creating a Green Community

Ideal for teens, young adults, or families with older children
Pirkei Avot teaches us: �It is not up to you to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it.� It is time to take action! During this vibrant Shabbat experience, participants will be introduced to a world of hands-on, practical ways to create environmentally sustainable communities in their synagogues and homes. Awaken your own connection to the natural world through guided nature hikes, engaging text study, communitybuilding games, and, ultimately, the creation of an individual or family brit � a commitment to begin the meaningful work.

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