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When a Shabbat retreat is not possible, bring a dynamic Teva educator to your synagogue, school, youth group, or community organization.

Choose an educator-in-residence program based on the chaggim (holidays) and highlight the agricultural and seasonal underpinnings of the Jewish calendar, or choose a program based on an environmental issue of interest to your community. Educator- in-residence programs can range in time from one-hour to an entire day. Teva educators are available to lead programming on-site at your facility, at a local park, or at one of our beautiful partner retreat centers.

Teva�s programs are available year round; contact us to arrange dates. Costs are determined by site used, length of program, and number of educators required.

Check out Teva's new congregational and community groups program brochure. To find out more call 212-807-6376 or email Alexandra Kuperman.


On this harvest holiday, celebrated under the open sky, we ask for gishmei beracha, blessings of rain for the Earth. See why Sukkot is called z�man simchateynu, our time of joy, and learn more about the role of water in our world.

In the darkest time of winter we celebrate the �Festival of Lights.� Generate awareness about climate change and energy issues as we remember the miracle of Chanukah.

Tu B'Shvat
Honi, the legendary tree planter, knew the value of thinking about future generations. On the birthday of the trees, through theater, food, and song, Teva will celebrate the importance of trees in Judaism and on this Earth.

Lag B'Omer
For centuries, Jews have celebrated this holiday together in the outdoors. Team building initiatives, wilderness games and skills, and fun in nature will be the focus.

As we conclude the counting of the omer, this program celebrates the joy of studying Torah together as a community and enjoying the harvest of foods from the Earth�s soil.

Environmental Issues

The legacy passed down from one generation to the next, l�dor v�dor, is of the utmost importance to the Jewish people. One of the greatest challenges facing the current generation is the ecological state of our planet. It is critical that we educate and mobilize the Jewish community to address today�s environmental issues. While this can be complicated and difficult to discuss, Teva has pioneered a unique style for doing so that is joyful, relevant, and inspiring. From raising awareness to dissecting the issues to taking action, Teva educators-in-residence will guide your community towards a meaningful brit adamah, covenant with the earth. Using Jewish tradition as a resource for wrestling with challenging environmental issues, Teva can explore the following topics with your group:

  • Israel and the Evironment
  • Food and Ecology
  • Animals and Biodiversity
  • Global Climate change and Energy
  • Consumer Choices and Responsibility
  • Introduction to Jewish Envrionmental Values

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