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Classroom teachers play an important role in shaping the experiences of the students at the Teva Learning Center.

Because the stay at Teva is limited to three or four days, what happens back in the classroom goes a long way towards reinforcing the concepts we teach at Teva. Teachers have the ability to frame their students' experience in a larger educational and conceptual framework, thus going even deeper than the week at Teva allows. We are committed to working with teachers and school administrators so that this larger Teva connection is uniquely specific to each school's needs.

We have created this teacher's section in order to enhance your ability to address certain key concepts and ideas.

In this section you will find links to an online Teacher Resource Center, a list of seminars that we run for educators, helpful books and websites, information about teacher involvement at the Teva Learning Center, and finally, an in-depth look at the "Bring it Back to Our School" program.

For more information do not hesitate to call 212-807-6376 or email us at bbtos@tevacenter.org.

 Teacher Resources:

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