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 =  In addition to information, these sites contain curriculum or activities suitable for classrooms.
 =  These sites all provide opportunities for grassroots activism. Oftentimes, you can join a mailing list that will alert you when there is an action on Capital Hill which you may want to be involved in.
 =  Want to make changes in your house or school? Check out these sites for suggestions.
 =  Sites which have good shopping opportunities for environmentally healthy products. Our endorsement of these sites is based simply on the Teva staff having tried them and found them useful, nothing more.

Jewish Environmental

All of these links are sites that deal with Judaism and the Environment across the board. If you check out our Environmental links, you will find Jews with more specific environmental concerns (vegetarianism, animal rights, etc.). As always, feel free to call us (212-807-6376) for more specific help.

      Canfei Nesharim -
    Providing Torah-based resources about the importance of protecting the environment, including holiday programs, suggestions for action, a store of eco-friendly products, and a weekly teaching about the environment based on each week�s Torah portion.

      Coalition on Environment and Jewish Life -
    THE Jewish Environmental umbrella organisation! Find a regional affiliate in your neighborhood, do a little text study, or join the national campaign!

      COEJL's Program Bank
      Browse through the program bank and see the range of curricular materials, programmatic resources, sermon ideas, and action initiatives that have been implemented by leading Jewish environmental activists and educators around the world. Adapt programs to your needs, and submit your own programs so that others can learn from your successes!

    Innovators of the Jewish Environmental Bike Ride in the US and Israel.

      The Coalition on Environment and Jewish Life of Southern California -
    The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life of Southern California (CoejlSC) works to educate and activate our community in order to address and respond to the pressing and complex environmental problems we are faced with today.
    Jewish Environmentalism in Seattle and the surrounding region. Provide educational programs and opportunities for activism.

      Shalom Nature Center
    Teva's cousin on the West Coast!

      Jewish Nature Center of the NJ Y Camps -
    This site is chock full of interesting facts and stories. See if you can solve the quiz of the month!

      Worcester Solomon Schechter Day School
    This remains one of our favorite sites about Jews and Nature - primarily because it is run by 6th graders!

    Not limited to just the environment, but all work that falls under the rubric of Tikkun Olam. This site has excellent articles and suggestions for action. A gathering place for those who know the importance of preserving our natural home. Includes outdoor articles and links to outdoor and environmental organizations.

    The Shalom Center
    Browse through the section called "Worlds of Spirit." There are some wonderful articles there.

Canadian Programs - See what our North American cousins are doing

      Torat HaTeva - The Jewish Nature Centre of Canada
    Through fun and multi-sensory learning, The Jewish Nature Centre of Canada, Torat HaTeva provides vibrant and meaningful Jewish educational experiences that promote ecological awareness, build community ties, encourage action towards global responsibility and stewardship (Tikkun Olam) and provides models for spiritually and ecologically sustainable Jewish living.

      Adam Va-Adamah Environmental Society
    Adam va-Adamah ("Humans and the Earth") is a regional affiliate of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), dedicated to educating British Columbians about Judaism's deeply-rooted environmental values.

Israeli Programs - See what our Israeli cousins are doing


The Big Ten- These nonprofit organizations are the backbone of the environmental movement. Check them out! You may want to join one of their campaigns or support them with membership.


Educational Resources

      Center for Environmental Education
    The CEE's mission is to create greener K-12 schools and communities. In order to accomplish this goal, they have created an extensive resource center which provides sample criteria for "green schools" access to national curriculum databases. Their bookstore also contains many titles that deal directly with making your school more environmentally friendly.

      Green Teacher
    This is the website for the curriculum magazine Green Teacher. The magazine comes out four times a year and is full of pedagogical articles and complete lesson plans and classroom activities. Some of the contents of back issues is available online for free.

      Environmental Protection Agency - Educational Resources

Energy Saving- So you say that you're turning off the lights when you leave the room and you aren't blasting the AC the way you used to? Wonderful! Way to practice Bal Taschit! Want to go the next step? These sites show how to reduce the amount of energy you use on lights and appliances, and save a bundle of money. One of our favorite things is the fun "calculators" that show you how much money you'd save with each energy-efficient light bulb, as well as how much less pollution you'd be putting into the atmosphere.

      Environmental Protection Agency
    An amazing interactive website which allows you to assess the energy efficiency of your facility. You can register your school with the EPA, chart your school's energy use, and earn a score based on national averages. The website allows you to continue to track energy use, and see if attempts to reduce energy demand are effective.

      Energy Guide
    A very thorough home or business audit and a good place to buy light bulbs and more

      Safe Climate -
    A fantastic site! Register your family in the "My Safe Climate" section, calculate your family's C02 foot print, then make a pledge to change something in your household's energy consumption (they have a whole list of great ideas). You can come back every month to recalculate your CO2 output. The site will chart your progress and continue helping you in your quest to prevent global climate change.

      Energy Smart Schools: Family Home Energy Quiz
    Take a quiz and see how many energy points your home scores

      Earth Day Footprint Quiz

Food, Agriculture, and Organics

Global Climate Change

Green Communities

      Green Maps - 
    Going on vacation? Look up a green map of your destination or your own neighborhood. Green maps indicate the best environmental aspects of communities. Learn how to make a green map of your neighborhood and be a part of the international community.

Household Cleaning

      Seventh Generation -
    This site sells Seventh Generation cleaning products, but also has excellent information on biodegradability, the problems with chlorine, and does a wonderful job of explaining what exactly makes a product unsafe for humans and the environment.

Inter-faith Organizations

      Partnership for Earth Spirituality
    The Partnership for Earth Spirituality is a non-profit membership organization which brings together people from various religious traditions, ages, cultures and economic backgrounds to promote a better understanding of the interdependence of ecology and spirituality.

      The Interfaith Environmental Council (IEC)
    The Interfaith Environmental Council (IEC) is a coalition to repair, protect and preserve our environment while integrating God's vision of sustainability, responsibility and advocacy for creation.

Land Preservation

      The Ecology Fund
    This site donates money to save tracts of land every time you click on their site. No cost to you, just a click!

News Sources

      Environmental News Network
    The Environmental News Network is a webpage that is updated daily to give you the latest news that impacts the earth. In major news sources these stories are often buried deep, if covered at all, but the ENN gives you the straight scoop right on page one.

Tzar Ba'alei Hayim / Animal Rights  - The mitzvah of not causing unnecessary pain or harm to animals demands that we take responsibility for the consequences of our purchases. If you want to know more about how to help suffering animals, or to get lists of which companies test on animals and which do not, check out the sites below. Please be aware, sometimes the pictures on these sites can be graphic and difficult to see.


Just For Kids

      Be Different / Live Different / Buy Different: Make a Difference
    You have the power to make the Earth a better place because of what you buy. Learn about other students who have chosen to be different and help the world at the same time. Living different by learning why you make the choices you make. Buy different means making educated choices about the products you purchase.

      Defenders of Wildlife- Kid's Planet
    This site contains many fun and interactive games for younger students, facts on many endangered species and information on adopting a species.

      World Wildlife Fund- Kid's Stuff
    Check out the awesome interactive games like toxic pinball and virtual home, as well as the funny and informative video and audio clips and newspaper articles. There is also lots of interesting information on all sorts of critters that we share our planet with.

      EPA Global Warming Kid's Site
    Check out the Climate Animators-colorful interactive graphics that explain global warming, the water cycle and the carbon cycle. The site also contains lots of info on global warming and the greenhouse effect and what we can do to help the planet.

      EPA Energy Smart Schools
    A great site for students who are doing research on energy use and alternative technologies. Offers links for information on solar, geothermal, wind and alternative energies.

      Worcester Solomon Schechter Day School
    See what the students of Solomon Schechter Day School in Worcester put together, after their visit in Fall '98. Articles, interviews, pictures, and more!

      Environment Protection Agency: Environmental Kids Club -
    Get ready to explore your environment and learn about neat things you can do to protect it. There are games, pictures, and stories and other fun things.

      Rainforest Action Network


      Teva Terrarium
    Check out how to make your own Terrarium. Site also includes many fun activities for both students and parents.

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