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Welcome, students! We wish you could come back for a visit in person, but we�re glad that you�ve come to the website.

If you�re yearning for a reminder of Teva, just look to the right side of this page. You can find links to our Teva song recordings and lyrics, tips for how save the world beyond the Earth Bead, and many other resources and games about the environment. You can also purchase Teva merchandise.

Tip of the week:

If you must use disposables during the chaggim, remember to buy 100% post consumer recycled paper products like plates and napkins, as well as biodegradable spoons and cups. AVOID plastic and Styrofoam!

And while you�re here, don�t forget to take our survey!

Fall '08 Teva Week 6 (Nov 17-20) Essex & Union, Heritage Academy, Lander Grinspoon & Striar (click to open in new full size window) Additional Fall 2008 Pictures
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