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As a classroom teacher, you can be involved in the Teva experience on a number of levels.

Before the trip, you might find it useful to become familiar with the curricular overview of the Shomrei Adamah, Shomrei Chayyot, or Achdoot programs. Introducing some of the key ideas that are relevant to your subject will allow the Teva educators to delve deeper into a given concept rather than present these ideas to the students for the first time.

While at Teva, you will be able to join your students in the field or take part in the classes that we offer specifically for the teachers.

The final way in which teachers are involved is in the "Bring it Back to Our School" program.

Teacher Classes

While we recommend that teachers spend as much time out in the field with their students as possible, we also realize that many teachers have been to Teva in the past and may want to explore some new ideas and have some new experiences.

Therefore, Teva offers several classes exclusively for the teachers in order to enhance your understanding of ecology and the ways in which Judaism relates to the natural world and humanity's place within it. These courses have been very well received at conferences (CAJE, COEJL) and other adult education venues and we are excited to share them with you.

  • Judaism and Ecology 101 � A Broad Overview
  • Breishit (Genesis) as a Model for Earth Stewardship (Text Study)
  • The 2nd Paragraph of the Shema, a threat or a wake up call? (Text Study)
  • Food systems - conventional approaches and ecological alternatives (New!!)
  • Library Hour � Book and Website Resources
  • Israel and the Environment - The latest in Israeli environmental curriculum
  • Using your Bird Feeder � Ornithology, animal behavior, population biology, and the scientific method � Teach your 5th or 6th graders all of these concepts with a simple bird feeder
  • The Energy Star Program for Schools and Congregations � Save your school�s money while saving the earth through the EPA�s energy efficiency guidelines and learn about all of the cool energy audits and calculators available out there
  • Make a Worm Composting Bin to take back to your school! (The kids would make this while they were here and we would teach you and the kids the proper care and maintenance of the bin)
  • Gardening for Schools and Synagogues 101
  • Natural History Hike � Learn about the local flora and fauna; Hikers pick the topic of interest
 Teacher Resources:

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