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30 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Environment

adapted from:
ECOTEAMA Program Empowering Americans to Create Earth-Friendly Lifestyles

by David Gershon with Andrea Barrist Stern

  1. Collect toilet paper tubes and give to a local school for art projects.

  2. Buy cloth bags and keep in the car for shopping trips.

  3. Take your own mug whenever you go someplace to buy a drink (soda, coffee).

  4. Take yourself off bulk mailing lists.

  5. Use cloth napkins for meals.

  6. Stop buying paper towels and buy reusable kitchen cloths.

  7. Buy cool patches to repair holes in your clothes.

  8. Find a local second hand shop, SELL AND BUY!!

  9. Participate in a local garden or clean-up project. Call your city 'parks and recreation' department for
    specific information.

  10. Take a class at your local nature center.

  11. Make some of the things you use at home; paperweights, door stops, knick-knack baskets, pen cups.

  12. Reuse food jars for storage; flour, sugar, pasta, etc.

  13. Have one day a month in your house where you try to make no garbage.

  14. Buy a low flow water attachment for your shower.

  15. Put a 2-liter bottle full of water in your toilet tank so you use less gallons when flushing.

  16. Plant some food in your garden; low maintenance plants include, zucchini, herbs, spinach.

  17. Put on a sweater before you turn up the heat.

  18. Replace some/all of the light bulbs in your house with longer lasting fluorescent bulbs.

  19. Bike to places that are close by.

  20. Arrange carpooling with your parents and friends when possible.

  21. Learn how the public transportation runs in your city and take advantage of it.

  22. Learn about the laws that affect the natural environment of your town, state, and country. The library and
    Internet are excellent beginning places. If you find out something you dislike, write a letter.

  23. Buy produce locally, it used less resources to get to you.

  24. Volunteer with your family and friends a few times a year.

  25. Join the Sierra Club.

  26. Give tzdekah to environmental organizations.

  27. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

  28. Make some of your own beauty and hygiene products (It’s fun!)

  29. Buy products which are not tested on animals

  30. Eat one meatless dinner every month, try one every week.

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